27 Jan 2008


Let's do it, let's fall in love.
-Cole Porter

22 Jan 2008

With Love

Love does not consist in gazing at each othere
but looking outward together in the same direction.
At Manila

20 Jan 2008


Tell me about a high point in your life so far?

At Mandarin Manira

15 Jan 2008

Love and New Days

You couldn’t change the past. But the future could be a different story. And it had to start somewhere.

- little children

At Manila

6 Jan 2008

Have to have

It's not about doing the things you love, it's about doing things with the one you love!
You know, an art teacher of mine once said. Never buy a piece of art that you don't have to have. You know, don't worry about who the artist is or how much it's worth. I mean, you have to live with it everyday. You have to walk by it everyday. You have to really love it; you have to really appreciate it. It's kind of like picking a mate.
- The Break up
At Shingapore

3 Jan 2008

Imitation Church

I like to think my life matters.
At Singapore

2 Jan 2008

Bear Hug

We're all miracles. Know why? Because as humans, every day we go about our business, and all that time we know... we all know... that the things we love... the people we love, at any time now can all be taken away. We live knowing that and we keep going anyway. Animals don't do that.

- Little Children