25 Mar 2009

Life, Love, Job, You.

It's not about what you look like,
or your job, or how succesful you are.
It's about having people in your life that you love and who love you.

That's all matters.


Have you ever had the conviction you've been living a lie your whole life?
I always try to live my life boldly, honestly. sometimes I feel I'm so fulfilled.
Maybe, when people found what they want, it makes easier to live.
because it's easier to run to the goal more than just don't see the goal and don't know where they are.

18 Mar 2009

Split moment

There are moments so overwhelming all of sudden, in a split second,
your life changes forever.
Before you know it, you're someone else.
... split second

16 Mar 2009


Time takes pleasure in kicking our asses, for even the strongest of us, it seems to play tricks....
slowing down.....
.... until it freezes.... leaving us stuck in a moment, unable to move in one direction or the other.

At Spain

15 Mar 2009

I just hate being the hurter

It's worth, I think, than being the one who gets their heart broken.
but I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to be happy.


13 Mar 2009


I wanna believe for all of the rest of us who are flailing around in this abyss, trying to feel what we're supposed to feel in order to connect in meaningful ways.
I wanna believe that real, true connection among human beings is actually possible and supposedly, marriage connects us, I mean supposedly, it improves out moral fiber.

At Spain

9 Mar 2009

The things.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

- Betty Ford

7 Mar 2009

Feel into your heart,so you can feel mine.

In love, your heart will dicatate your actions toward others to show how much you care about them. Fill your heart with love so others can feel it, too. Help them see it clearly by doing things for them that they translate as love.
At Cordoba, Spain

5 Mar 2009

Tomorrow will be a better day

What do you want?
What do you need to do to get what you want? what are you strengths, your weaknesses?
What is the next step you need to take? Forget about vague concepts and loose opinions. what are the facts? Most of us have plans, lots of plans. and we have ideas, lots of ideas. but we so rarely turn our ideas into our plans, thus creating our futur, because little of what we think about progresses beyond concepts and opinions.
Of course, we can never measure ourselves against concepts and opinions because they are too abstract to define. Thus , we can't say whether we 're making progress or what we need to change. Define your goals, and define your plans to attain them.
People who construct their goals in concrete terms are 50 % more likely to feel confident they will attain their goals and 32 % more likely to feel in control of their live.
- Howatt 1999
At cordoba, Spain

2 Mar 2009

There is no me without you

Know who does or does not matter.
When you care about a person, everything about the person matters.
When you don't care, nothing matters about the person.
When you discover who makes life better than belong alone,
then your life will be complete, and you will not want to be alone.

At Atlanta sunday afternoon