28 Apr 2008

Good Luck

"Contrary to what many people believe, Good Luck is not something that happens to a few who do nothing. Good Luck is something that can happen to all of us, if we do something. And that "something" consists only in creating the conditions as to make sure that those opportunities that exist for all of us do not die like four-leaf clover seed falling on sterile ground."

- Alex Rovira, Fernando Trias De Bes

23 Apr 2008

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Aloha is the center of all things Hawaiian.
It is through aloha that all other Hawaiian values have meaning.
The sprit of Aloha affects everything we do, not so much in words,
It doesn't come from the mouth, it comes from the action.
To show you have aloha is from your action and how you deal with things

- Na'auao Pane'e , Hawaiian Language teacher,
Brigham Young Uni, Hawaii

Listen to what people say, but watch what they do.

At SHimoda

13 Apr 2008

Take life as it comes

Nobody is sure if it is the weather, the bauty of the island, or the sprit of aloha
that accounts for the Hawaiians' laidback attitude towards life.
The outlook is simple : if it didn't happen today, it was not meant to happen.

Maybe another task is made clearer and that is more important for the time-being.
People live and enjoy life as nature intended.