26 Dec 2007

Why Don't Man Listen?

For this one, Dr. Billy exhaustively searched for an answer. How sweet would it be if there existed the perfect scientific comeback for the next time a woman screamed at you, "Why are you ignoring me!"

Well, here are the inklings of our anatomical answers...In the September 2005 issue of the journal Neuroimage, psychiatric researchers at the University of Sheffield reported that male and female voices activate distinct regions of the male brain. The scientists monitored the brain activity of twelve men as they listened to male and female voices. They found that in men, women's voices stimulate an area of the brain used for processing complex sounds, like music. Male voices, on the other hand, activate a region of the brain used for producing imagery. This may suggest that, at least for men, the female voice is more complex and more difficult to hear and understand.But there's more...An earlier study in the July 2001 issue of Radiology also showed that men and women listen differently. In this study, researchers at Indiana University had twenty men and twenty women listening to a passage from a novel. While listening, they underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain. A majority of the men showed exclusive activity on the left side of the brain, but a majority of the women showed activity on both sides of the brain. Now there is certainly more research to be done, but we can put these two pieces together and start to make a leap toward excusing occasional male lapses in listening to their female partners.
So men out there, here is our suggested comeback when you are accused of not listening:Honey, I try so hard to listen. It's just that my brain is incapable of doing what my heart desires. (Then go back to watching football.)

- "Why do man fall asleep after sex" Chapter 1 page 8

Well ... this question is so subjective, not all men react this way but... how about you or your peartner?

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